Over the years, radiation exposure has raised a serious threat to health hazards, raising concerns of the public, policymakers, and certain health researchers. World War II marked the beginning of the radar war, with human exposure to all the radiations radio frequencies, which has only substantially grown over time. The recent large-scale carcinogen studies on rodents have also proved their exposure to the RFR. The study also proved the presence of malignant gliomas and frequent chromosomal damage.

Many experimental studies have also proven that when cell phones and radiation from other devices are exposed to the RFR rays, they cause local brain damage in children. Also, men who keep their cell phones in their pockets cause a lower sperm count and significantly low sperm mortality.


According to reports of 1998, the ICNIRP has no solid evidence on the causes and effects of adverse biological conditions caused by radiations from radio frequencies. However, in contrast to these reports, in 2011, the IARC mentioned that the radiation might have possible human carcinogens in their system.


Many case-control studies on exposure to cell phones, particularly the exposure to electromagnetic waves from the cell phone, caused glioma and critical cases of acoustic neuroma. In addition, in epidemiological studies, many cases have expressed concerns about developing skin and other diseases due to constant exposure to radiation from cell phones and other emitting devices.

Reproduction and children

Due to radio frequency exposure, many of them are constantly exposed to developing infertility in young adults. Also, based on many case studies conducted on this topic, RDR exposure is most problematic to the pediatric population. The constant addiction to cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices is also a part of the significant problem of the risks caused due to radiofrequency radiation.

In the last three years, over 32 countries and governmental bodies have issued various policies and other health recommendations concerning exposure to RFR. The US has a limit of exposure from 81 to 83, while the Public schools have an exposure of 84. The application of Wi-fi has also been removed in some US schools, and any building with an RDR greater than 84 will be banned from entering the building or bringing their cell phones and other electronic devices.

Many government institutions have also started monetizing data to analyze the potential links between cancer and wireless technologies. Unfortunately, most of these effects jot down the harmful radiofrequency radiation released by cell phones and other gadgets. Hence, the necessary precautions and cautionary measures should always be taken to protect oneself against such harmful radiation. The IARC also works constantly to create new groups to categorize and include scientific findings in their research and diminish the effects of RFR as much as possible.