The fifth generation mobile technology is rolling out to most cell phones in today’s technological world to deliver high-speed internet and wireless connections to enhance user experience and make life easier. However, concerns about 5 G technologies have surfaced on the internet since its release.

The experts have considered this mass concern and have provided valuable information. In this article, we will decode whether 5G is making you sick or is it just a myth!

What exactly is 5G?

The fifth generation network is the latest cellular network, developed in 2019, to transmit data between mobile and Bluetooth devices. The fast speed of the network is due to its utilization of higher frequencies through wireless networks. They mainly make use of radiofrequency and electromagnetic radiation to deliver their services. The electromagnetic frequencies produce an EMF (electromagnetic field) believed to be harmful to the users. Hence, this has caused concerns about health with the prolonged use of 5G networks.

5G Radiation and EMF Waves

Electromagnetic fields are of two types:

  • Non-ionizing EMF is radiated by Bluetooth devices, power lines, microwaves, computers, phones, etc. They impart low levels of radiation when in use.
  • Ionizing EMF is stronger atmospheric radiation mainly imparted by X-ray machines and sun rays.

According to experts like Collins, people are much more likely to associate with diseases like cancer when constantly exposed to ionizing EMF.

5G Radiation and EMF Waves

However, it is essential to know that 5G workers are in the higher spectrum of the EM waves, where the frequency starts from 3.5GHz. Before the discovery of 5G networks, mobile networks did not work in these radio spectrums.

According to World Health Organization, although limited studies are performed on the effects of 5G on humans, the results of electromagnetic fields are cause for concern as they lead to:

  • Tissue heating
  • Hampering cognitive functions
  • Skin and other types of cancer

Health concerns over 5G

Since 5G is a newly built technology, the health risks caused by 5G networks are still under study due to a lack of enough scientific analysis. But, according to a 2021 study, the genetic effects of EMF generally depend on various factors like exposure duration, intensity, frequency of use, etc. Nevertheless, the results were consistent with EMF’s genetic damage to human tissues. Today, over 3,500 physicians from various fields have jointly voted against the use of 5G technologies, which might cause neurological disorders in their users.

Even though the FDA and WHO declare 5G connections safe, many experts disagree with their early conclusions.

Meantime, some myths about 5G networks are debunked by experts, that include:

  • 5G connections cause COVID-19
  • All COVID-19 vaccines have 5G microchips
  • One-time use of 5G network causes cancer
  • 5G causes migraines, headaches, and dizziness


5G is beneficial to humankind more than we can imagine. Currently, there is no evidence for the harmful effects of 5G on humans or animals. However, the EMF produced by these networks has mixed results.


Sacramento is one of the first cities in the entire world to receive 5G technology. The City signed a public-private partnership with Verizon in 2017. This contract was not taken through the usual public process and has been heavily criticized as a bad deal for Sacramento. The 5G roll-out began in October of 2018. Since then, roughly 600 “small cell” antennas have been installed, most commonly on top of light poles.

Approximately only 10% of Sacramento has 5G coverage meaning, many, many more antennas will be installed, especially when you consider other carriers will also want to install their antenna networks.

The main problem with the antennas is that they emit pulsed, data modulated, microwave radiation all day, every day. Anyone living near the antennas will be exposed to this radiation inside their home on a continuous basis, whether they have 5G service or not. Because these antennas are being installed lower to the ground and closer to people’s homes than previous generation antennas, exposure from the small cells is MANY times higher than exposure from previous generation antennas, even higher than exposure from cell phones and wireless routers which are typically the greatest sources of microwave radiation exposure.

The only assurance of safety we have been given is that exposure from the antennas will likely be under the FCC safety limit. However, the FCC safety limits are over 20 years old and based entirely on a thermal model for damage, meaning if the radiation source is not literally cooking you, it is assumed safe. Interference with cell function or brain function, genetic damage, even cancer are not considered at all by the FCC safety limit. This is best explained in a 2002 letter from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which states “the generalization by many that the [FCC] guidelines protect human beings from harm by any or all mechanisms is not justified.”